We Are You

Love Motel is back with 10 dense and startling new tracks. « We are You » hits you like a sudden blast of acid rain, impressively striking a cutting edge yet retro sound at the same time : a fusion of disco, rock and electronica that has never sounded so good ! Celestial synths over dirty bass have become the signature of the Geneva based producer who has composed this new album at high volume without bothering about codes or telescopings.

Yet the songs are so carefully arranged that everything keeps your attention. Paced perfectly and never lacking for variety (with exciting vocal guests), this new album exlpores territories where the spacious warmth of analog synths and the claustrophobic 21st Century’s inspired lyrics come together. Everything starts with a groove, the pulse of electro and the energy of nu-rave, and then comes the vocal that Love Motel knows exactly when to submerge in the mix and when to loom over it.

This is an album that manages to maintain the essential simplicity demanded by the dance floor whilst filling itself to bursting point with complex themes and lyrics and it’s not that usual getting sweaty in a Berlin club at 5am while talking about Twitter revolutions, wetsern paranoïa, trash TV, fleeting teen superstars, bad boys and girls and even love (but dirty). And if that sounds like a contradiction, just remember : all this grew out of the mind of one man who may already be you.


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