The Scribblers (Picture Disc 7")

In between rock and electro, art and non-art, love and hate, cats and dogs, life and death... here come The Scribblers... Hey waitress, give us your worst cocktail!!! Lyrics, vocals and graphic design : Luz Music : Kid Chocolat This 2 titles' 45 RPM Picture Disc will only available Poor Records shop. This is a very limited edition. Only a few left!!!

Quotes :

"The 7 inch!! Great!!!! I love the sound! I want one!
James Murphy / LCD Soundsystem, DFA

"LIKE both songs. Great little 7"
Paul Mogg / DFA

"HEY HEY ! Cool The Scribblers hahaha ! I like it, it's MINIMAL."

Rubin Steiner (Platinum Records) 

"The two tracks that can be checked with the link below could come straight out of Manchester or Sheffield’s late electro-pop scene. They are at the same time tongue-in-cheek and unpretentious but intense, electrifying and well catchy. Indeed, one of them is a ‘kind of’ tribute to Mark E. Smith… But The Scribblers could also be the spiritual sons of the glorious Swiss electro duo Yello, whose early work in the late 70’s/early 80’s was similarly as exhilarating and fresh as the Alps’ high altitude air." 

Pierre-Louis Berlatier / Spirit Of Eden

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1 / Rex / MP3
2 / Mark E. Smith / MP3

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