Life And Death Of Romano Poal

"Life and death of Romano Poal" is the musical interpretation of the existence of legendary ROMANO POAL, born in 1945 and died in 2001.

Romano Poal worked all his life in music and specially wrote music for movies. In spite of his brilliant compositions, his career never had the success it deserved and he died completely anonymous.

This release musically retraces the musical route and the biography of this brilliant but never understood artist, taking each part of his life and his story in chronological order.

This musical biography takes all the samples and all he has done in his musical career chronologically to create this accomplished and minute work. With original ideas and a vivid imagination, Kid Chocolat creates a rich, incredible and explosive cocktail of electronic, pop and old-fashioned music. Combining warm samples of old movies, loops of old records, recorded conversations, atmospheres of other times, magic ambiences, happy and entertaining songs, dreamy emotional landscapes, imaginary ambiences, flashy melodies, groovy atmospherics, psychedelic punch, fragile samples, delicate and spatial enchanted atmospheres…. as well as electronics, voices, discreet guitars, synth, rhythms, ...

Kid Chocolat has built entertaining and varied songs, which won’t give you a minute to breathe by their intensity and dynamics. This album definitely brings freshness and new colours in today’s world of electronic music, this is Romano Poal’s monumental empire.

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