Hoover Coover

Alain Weber's passion for music ever since. In addition to his DJing and production work for compilations, he has over 20 years, created several musical projects in solo or duo. Hoover Cover draws its harmonies in classical music, film and even religious. A return to his roots.

Quotes :

"When the use of piano at times proves too simplistic it’s Weber's skilful composition that lifts his work above many of his contemporaries, his use of strings giving a depth of tone and emotion, with the relaxed Pyramids utilising space as much as instrumentation to breathe new life into the album’s core."

David Bowes / The Skinny

"Thirteen tracks, all floating in air and heavily inspired by cinematic references."

Rocco Zaccheo / Le Temps

"Favourite Track: Personal Jesus Rating: 5/5 Comments: Great album!"

Nico De Ceglia / Radio One

"Some very cool & beautiful music in here!"

Christian Martin / Dirty Bird Records

"If future releases were to address this to some extent then there’s really no reason why Alain Weber couldn’t be considered in the same breath as revered artists like Max Richter or Johann Johannsson."

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