Haunted Love

Haunted Love is an epic album of songs and a show by Andrès Garcìa, which embraces Guilherme Botelho's choreographic audacities and Laurent Valdès' disconcerting visuals. The theme, where impulses of the heart are severely tested, is carried by electro, vocal filters and sensitive emotions...

Quotes :

"pretty nice one"
Benoit Carretier / Tsugi
"Lovely stuff in here! i like it and will play tracks off this album on my weekly radio show here in brussels"
Samy Morpheus / Radio Campus, Minimal Compact
"Nice to have different music. this is refreshing but so common at the same time. love the Sade feeling that this vocalist brings in. really coolish "
"Wonderful album! Hard to decide for a favorite track... HKB in love!"
Harry Klein Bookings
"Really great production, lovin the diversity! Will support for sure!"
James Canning / Respect Music, Gold Coast

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