Dark and lecherous. On the dancefloor, the musical world of Fortuna echoes like these two words : it is scheming, magnetic and hypnotic. No wonder their biggest fan is Asia Argento. At the point that the actress has added her voice on five tracks on their album. Fortuna is Kid Chocolat, The Knack & Oil. This is the deluxe edition including a lot of unreleased tracks and killer remixes.

Quotes :

"Like it ! Some good tracks on here, I will support it"

Eddie Temple Morris / X-Fm

"I like it ! Will try and play a track on my show soon, and will play in clubs."

Annie Nightingale / Radio 1

"I like it , and will try and fit in a review in the September issue!"

International DJ Magazine

"A Radical Bravery sound at home on a macabre Roman art house movie. Track 3, Roma belongs on a dark sinister melodramatic European movie involving loads of car chases. Black Water sounds like the perfect accompaniment to a gritty detective show in Belgium. They are very good at European soundtrack music"

The Music Critic

"Here is an album that is worth gold!"

Fabrice Gottraux / Tribune de Genève

"It really sounds good! A Radical Bravery is my favourite. You make me want to play with my dusty machines again"

Stephan Eicher

"A sensitive and sensual exploration for cold-wave and moisty pop freaks and sulfurous Italian actress fans"

Michel Masserey / Tsugi Magazine

"I love Less Is More a lot. I'll add it to my radio playlist"

Laurent Garnier (F.Com)

"Quite like the vocal... loads of remixes to check. Moonbeam seems nice in their style…"

Ivan Smagghe (Kill The DJ)

"Favourite Track: A Radical Bravery (Original) / Rating: 5/5 / Comments: excellent release"

Chloé (Kill The DJ)

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