Ford Mustang EP

This is the first ep by swiss electro dj Lulúxpo. They worked in association with Love Motel to produce a first class quality cover of famous Serge Gainsbourg’s track. While Lulu is whispering at your ears Pollux dark voice is giving you chills just as the french composer did. A really top class work ! In association with french Producer Snowball Rose they wrote « Lipstick Kiss » that is far more than a b-side. Deluxe edition includes a t-shirt.

"I like the in flagranti rmx best, excellent the seelenluft and f2h rmx are very good as well, will play it on my forthcoming weekly radio shows on radio campus brussels." Samy Morpheus / Radio Campus, Minimal Compact
"Hi, loving the In Flagranti mix. Will definitely play/blog." James Thirkettle / Beep Beep Beep
"I like the Seelenluft Remix! Merci!" Round Table Knights / Made To Play
"We love Luluxpo ! !" Simon / Dialect Crew
"The In Flagranti Remix is the one for me. Interesting mix of early house and industrial sounds with a modern edge." Nathan Gregory Wilkins / History Clock
"into the kid chocolat for fashion shows and the in flagranti for clubs. seelenluft's always interesting too. great package! thank you for sending." Jerry Bouthier / Continental Records, Kitsuné, Vivienne Westwood
"Love this! Great madness." David / Punks Jump Up
"Just love the Seelenluft "hot brass on the dancefloor" remix. Sounds like Gainsbourg and Yello bumping cars in an Luluxpo's electro merry-go-round. "Lipstick Kiss" is also cool." Nic Ulmi / Edelweiss Magazine
"nice ep. like the "seelenluft"-remix!" BLN FM / Berlin
"grindin" The Blue Walrus Blog

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