Bottle It In EP

Band names are not often inspired by jumpers, but whilst watching an episode of Alaska based TV series 'Northern Exposure' two musicians from the equally mountainous north Wales were inspired to form a band.

The name 'Land of Bingo' was taken from a jumper worn by the character Ruth Anne Miller, and so began collaboration between Rhys Edwards, W.H Hughes and Gruff Ifan.

Despite growing up in close proximity, they met each other performing in a cow house as part of a music festival which was held in rural Carmarthenshire. Bonding over the fact that two of the band have heart murmurs and are all devotees of the National Football team, they began to experiment with sounds merged from their solo material - Haydon has recorded as 'Y Pencadlys' and 'Seindorff', pioneering Welsh language electronic music full of warped imagination.

Rhys is also known as 'Jakokoyak' - a folktronic project flirting casually with brilliance has released music in the UK and internationally and supported the Super Furry Animals in Japan. Gruff is also the drummer of Welsh legends Texas Radio Band, he was thrown in head first and swims comfortably in the deep end.

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