Call it "space summer music." The original member of YOUNG GODS (Cesare Pizzi alias Ludan Dross) and sinusoidal techno champion (POL) launch concept band SUNISIT. Frontman-Shaman of the same Young Gods, Franz Treichler produces and mixes the duo's debut album. If a balearic sun rose in deep space, Sunisit would certainly be the soundtrack. 

In the early Eighties, Cesare invented techno-rock sampling with the Young Gods, where he played the funkier side of the dark splendor of the band. At the dawn of the Nineties, POL emerges from the swiss scene of electronic body music, dancing accompanied by pounding post-industrial apocalyptic visions. 

Particle collision 
"One day, I landed on the web page Ludan Dross without having any idea who he was. I was flabbergasted. His music was a reminiscence of electronica geniuses as Atom Heart and Yello" says POL. The two men met and launched a project that will be fueled by the album Sinus by POL: " I'll do the baselines and rhythmic," announced Cesare. The result is set into a series of improvised and then converted to live-sets. 100% handmade electronic music.