Pascal Greco:
Film director, editor, photographer, art director and producer; Pascal Greco cofounded with Charles Hieronymi in 2000, a Swiss-based collective uniting a network of fashion photographers, video and film professionals, fashion designers and graphic artists.
Two Greco-Hieronymi documentaries have already been released for sale on DVD: "Swiss Fashion Design" and "Tokyo Streets". The creative partnership has also successfully organized major fashion shows in New York and Tokyo. Pascal Greco as released two photographs book, "Kyoshu, nostalgie du pays" and "Seoul Shanghai Tokyo". He is launching his third photographs book called "Ratrak", realised with Gabriel Mauron, in 2012. Pascal Greco also directed the critically acclaimed film "Super 8" made with music composer Kid Chocolat.

Goodbye Ivan:
The music of Goodbye Ivan exposes voids and experiments with space. It is music for wandering into the unknown. ´╗┐Cinematographic and melancholic, a mixture bound to inspire both tears and the smashing of furniture. On stage, Arnaud Ivan Sponar, (aka. Goodbye Ivan) combines the melodic sweetness of a piano, a rocking and emotionally-edged acoustic guitar, with a symphony of random sounds.
Originally from Switzerland, he has also performed in Russia, The United States, Germany, Czech Republic—sometimes alone, sometimes with a cello or a violin player, sometimes with a full band. So far, Goodbye Ivan has released two full-length albums, several EPs on vinyl and digital formats, as well as written the score for movies and audio-visual creations. Arnaud Ivan also composes music for documentaries, advertisements, and films and produces the work of other artists