HER. It was in Buenos Aires on the 21st January 1976 that Lulú came into the world. With Argentinian, Romanian, Ukranian and Swiss roots. She growed up in Geneva. HIM. Pollux was born in Paris on the 18th May 1967. In his French veins runs Madagascan, Romanian and Hungarian blood. He growed up in Paris. THEM. An explosive release of creative potential took place on the 14th February 1997, in Paris, as the destinies of Lulú and Pollux met... Before this contact was made, they were as two solitary electrons in search of an orbit, full of energy, yet incapable of giving meaning to their artistic endeavours. They lacked the essential: the power of love. The fusion was instantaneous. Lulú and Pollux joined forces immediately and instinctively, calling themselves LuLúxpo (formed from combining Lulú and Luxpo), a common creative project maximising the potential of two unique personalities and a message of pertinant simplicity: Love Is Power ! From that moment on, transformed by their liason, the most glamourous couple on the Geneva scene would dedicate their time to broadcasting their message of love across their world. A world that they see as simply the interaction of their multiple talents : music, painting, fashion, design, image... They literally transform everything they touch into a means toward their goal of Universal Love. Lulú and Pollux would unite their souls in marriage on the 9th December 2000. They premiered in Paris, where, during events organised by their friends, they exhibited their canvases, small objects and accessories. Their joint artistic career would not however truly begin until in February 1998, when, having had their fill of Paris, they decided to move to Geneva, a city that they were fond of, in particular, for the quality of life and the human qualities that emanate as much from the walls as from the people that live there, as well as the incredible artistic potential that the city generates. THE MUSIC. It was in march 1999 that LuLúxpo did his first duo mix. Since the beginning of their journey, they have been mixing, performing and networking almost non-stop, shaking the walls of various Swiss locations and vibrating the bodies and minds of a public that is becoming more and more appreciative of their sound, their vibes and their message of love that, as we speak, is breaking down human as much as geographic barriers. Their fanbase is growing, the barriers are falling. Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and, at this very moment, the big avant-garde cities of Paris, Barcelona, Münich Istanbul, London, Tokyo, Beijing .. are searching more and more for this DJ duo that magnetises with each passing the locations that they bring to life and the public that they rouse. They got their radio-show "Let’s Dance !" every saturday night from 23h to midnight on Couleur 3 (R.S.R. - swiss national radio) since january 2007.



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