Haunted melodies from the 50s, cinematic echoes from the 70s, snappy funky beats from a 21st century dancefloor and love whispers from Mars... That's what they do. A musical palette like a «Moonbow» - the title of Gina & Tony's first full-length release in 2008 and the name of the rarely seen phenomenon of a night-time rainbow made by lunar light. Geneva-based duo Gina & Tony (Sabrina Berreghis on the mike and Nic Ulmi on the rest) popped up in 2008 with its first album on Poor Records - a collection of retro-futuristic covers and original songs, amongst which the instant classic «La ballade de Gina et Tony» and the kitchen-floor-space-epic «My Martian Chronicle». They were spotted since then on a bunch of French compilations, amongst which the celebrated «La musique de Paris Dernière» by Béatrice Ardisson. Up next: an extra-large rendition (42 minutes) of the 60s hit «Bang Bang» and the single «Big Bang Love», a clubby song turning the physics of particle collisions into a love feast. Oh, and since you asked... Gina & Tony? Just two names that popped up in their minds. Two imaginary figures from, say, Brooklyn in the fifties. A diner waitress and a pizza guy. Two nobodies in love. Waiting for Saturday nights to become the queen and king of the ballroom floor. Heroes, just for one day... Now put up your alien antennas and stay tuned for more.



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