Born Bjorg is a swiss techno/house duo based in Geneva. They've met at the Faculty of Arts of the University and started djing together in july of 2007. They are proudly residents at Le Zoo (the biggest underground genevan venue) where they organise parties since 2008. BB's first EP is going to be released soon on Poor Records. They've already played in Weetamix (Genève), Social Club (Paris), Zoo-Usine (Genève), Palladium (Genève), Crem Club (Genève), La Ruche (Lausanne), Loft Electroclub (Lausanne), Piping Club (Genève), Le Bourg (Lausanne), Queen Kong Club (Neuchâtel) ... With artists/djs such as ... Lee Curtiss (Detroit), Seth Troxler (Detroit), Le Loup (Paris), Paul Kalkbrenner (Berlin), Nick Curly (Mannheim), Sébastien Léger (Amsterdam), Paul Ritch (Paris), Popof (Paris), Etienne de Crécy (Paris), Get The Curse (Paris), Crowdpleaser (Genève), Quenum (Genève), Dapayk (Berlin), Cosmo Vitelli (Paris), Thomas Von Party (Montreal), Zero Cash (Cologne), Maral Salmassi (Munich), Dan Haaksman (Berlin), Hannah Holland (London)... and many others.